Well I Don’t Remember That One

Every once in a while I’ll be fishing and open my fly box for a fly to try next. When I fished the River Usk a few weeks I had just one such moment. I may have mentioned the fly and said I would write about it, here is a short post on the fly with no name. I am convinced that it is a fly that I came up with what I had on the bench and with early season fishing in mind.


What’s it face

As you may notice the fly is getting called something different each time so a name would be welcome.

The silk is primrose coloured and tied on a size 12. The tail looks to be taken from a bronze mallard feather which was possibly lying on the bend and not very well coloured. The body is hares body fur from the body and ribbed with oval gold tinsel from a craft store. The hackle is brown partridge. As with all my trout flies, the head is sealed with melted bees wax.

I had success fishing with the classic across and down stream wet fly swing although I am suspecting a bit of floatant would enable the fly to be fished as a dry fly upstream.



March Brown Madness

After yesterdays information that the March Browns were hatching on River Usk and in the best numbers in years, I made the trip across the bridge to Wales. The town of Usk is roughly just under an hours drive down the motorway and as a couple of miles of river available on day ticket. There is a rule of no chest waders, thigh waders only so once again I had to borrow some. If I make this trip again then I will have to buy some. Off course I forgot I wasn’t in my chesties and promptly left the cold wet river dripping down my leg. Jean in Sweets tackle shop told me I wasn’t the first and not the last. I made my way to the lower stretch and parked by the boarded up hotel and found the little footpath to the river, for a bit of town water this looks nice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn arrival at 10.30ish I saw no fly life but that changed when at 11 ish the first march browns were seen, and being taken by trout. I should have guessed something was about to happen because I had a brown a few minutes before along with a missed take. This activity continued off and on in spurts as is the case with these big flies until 2-3.30ish when the flies failed to appear for a good 45 minutes and the fish had stopped rising. I had been able to take another fish plus lost of missed a few others during this hatch on a Grizzled mink. Hares ears had worked so well and no wonder. Although the over all colour of these flies match the hares ear in colour there is one fundamental fact missing and that is the colour of the flies belly, its a lot lighter. As the wind was a strong down river blow I had to cast across or slightly down stream and wets would have suited best. I had a few but not light enough in body colour. Tying time will be needed!

I wouldn’t be surprised if I make the trip next week!