Return From The Irish Fly Fair

Last weekend saw me pay my first visit to Ireland in some time, to long in fact. Its a country that I love and for some reason simply haven’t made the trip. Maybe its trips else where or simply put, not wanting to use Ryan air and their rip off charges. This trip however, found me not just having a excellent time but researching for a trip next year.

The seeds for the trip were set at the end of the BFFI last February when I was asked by Stevie to email him about tying at the Irish Fly Fair in Galway. I did so and got things sorted although I learnt over the weekend that maybe staying in nearby b&b would be a better idea. Not only because its half the price but also there is a kettle in the room. The Galway Bay Hotel was the venue and also where I spent a couple of nights. Really nice place and excellent service but expensive.

The show itself was fantastic with a lot interaction between the people coming in and the tyers themselves. The tyers also exchanged ideas for stuff they were working on. Discussions with between myself, other tyers and people just looking resulted in offers of help with a trip to lough Sheelin and Corrib next year and also a few suggestions for flies including adding a touch of pink to the spent gnat that I kept having to tie to keep the box restocked.

The show was well set out with lots of goodies to buy, you get better choice at shows and are able to check capes and other natural materials for quality which you cann’t do with mail order and some fly stores (see a previous post). The tyers had a high standard of flies on display, including the Sponge Bob fly I saw a couple of years ago. These displays are good place for ideas and a boost for tying new stuff.

The area I was tying was the conservatory (glorified green house) over looking Galway Bay, magic! The natural light was fantasic for tying but I doubt I’ll be tying tying in my greenhouse because it will be to cold and damp but the idea was planted.

Hopefully they’ll have me back.



Roadkillflies Relaunch

I may have said in previous posts that I occasionally tie flies to pay for my trips. For this I have relied on ‘word of mouth’. While this has produced some results, it doesn’t produced has much as I would like. Although I had a google website for my site, Roadkillflies, it produced nothing in over a year. So I have deleted that and relaunched it on wordpress and taken the opportunity to redesign it  with new ideas. I am now mostly concentrating on sets of flies and custom jobs. I am going to slowly add to the various parts of the site with new products, etc and try and keep it fresh.

The flies available are largely ones that you find mentioned here that work during my days fishing so those who don’t tie flies but read this blog will be able to buy the flies.

At the top of this blog site you may also notice a new page “Shows/Demonstrations”. It is something that I have been thinking about for sometime and hope to proceed with this.