Resources and Useful Links

Each time I make a trip I find myself looking for the same site each time and its got to the point that I need a place to put those links for myself and  well as those who also wish to visit the places that I write about. I also feel that useful fishing and tying sites need to be linked to as well because they help in the planing or supplying the stuff that I need for each trip. I will only put links to places that have served me well. Bad experience and I will not put them here.

This Page is going to be developed and improved over the next couple of days.

Airlines and Buses and Trains.

Occasionally useful for going overseas.

Amtrack I tried these for the first time this, good first impression.
Britishairways. Always helpful and I have no complaints. Miles better than Ryan air because the nice staff and the ticket price includes check in luggage!
Brockton and Plymouth coaches (awaiting link). Very reliable and helpful staff.