The Dun Partridge

A recent swap on the flymphforum had me wondering what I could tie that no one else would. The swap was for warm water fish but seeing what the others were tying or intended to I thought of the ideal fly. The picture was in my mind but could I find it in my books no. So from memory it was and I think it got changed to the pattern presented now.

Hook- Kamasan B175 12-16
Thread- Black 8/0 uni thread
Rib- Peacock herl (would have liked to have rope dubbed this but the effect I was getting didn’t look right at the time).
Body- Dun Hares Web from the Flytyers Dungeon
Hackle- Grey Partridge
Head- Peacock herl

I have seen some different hooks for this type of wet fly but I haven’t got around to getting some.

By the time I had finished I had a nice set of flies for the swap with a few spares for the swap meister.