Tiger frenzy!!

The joys of tying for friends is that occasionally they ask me to tie for their over seas trips. This past week I have been tying for one friend of mine who is off to the Zambezi river after the Tiger fish. Not having any knowledge of these fish apart from the rare article where people have written about their trips I had no idea what flies to tie. My friend sent me a load of flies that he wanted doing as samples and picked the ones that he liked. I had also done my own research (mostly centered around asking questions on the Virtual Flybox email list).

The flies were alot bigger than the ones that I normally tie for myself but I actually enjoyed tying these big things, will have to do more saltwater stuff (read… a Stripped Bass trip may happen or maybe some Pike fishing).

The picture above shows the full set (sorry about the bad picture), all were tied on Gamakatsu B10S stinger 1/0 and 2/0 hooks. One or two like the SF Minnow Blue and chartreuse…

…..look really good. The SF minnow looks fit for Stripper fishing and it introduced me to Steve Farrer blends. I  had to order this from the US as I cann’t get it in the UK. Because I used alot of black I’m a bit lowso I will have to order some more.

The Zambezi Deceiver was another good looking one, possibly OK for Pike.

The rest of the flies were largely rabbit strip flies and Clousers in various colours.