Lighter March Brown

As mentioned in my last post, I thought that the currently available March Browns available are a bit on the dark side. It was with this thought that I sat at the vice and came up with something that I was happy with.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe fly that I was previously using had a body of Hares Mask blended fur which I considered to dark after watching the hatch on my last visit ti the River Usk so I rummaged around the skins that I had and found what I was looking for on the edge of a Possum skin. The fly was tied on size 12 and 14 wet fly hooks (I would prefer straight eyed hooks but didn’t have any that were suitable). The tail is woodduck fibres, the body is dubbed possum with a oval gold rib. The hackle is brown partridge from the lower back, it really doesn’t matter if its got the brown bar.

I think it looks better shade wise, hopefully I will get to try it out sometime.



Two New PMD flymphs for 2013

My recently rekindled interest in flymphs and soft hackles wet flies has brought much satisfaction at the bench with the occasional fly coming off that meets I needs of flies with movement. I am a great believer in movement and think that a lot of flies these days are far to stiff in appearance in the water. Thus, these flymphs/wet flies meet my needs where I can use them (not chalkstreams where the rules prevent from their use). I have been known to grease these flies up on occasion and fished like dries and this does work….very well!

Recently I tied a set of flies for a swap, PMD themed. I had one idea, then during the tying of that one another idea came. This does of course mean that the other swappers get two set but I really don’t care because I had fun tying these.

PMD no.1


This was the first idea, loosely based on standard patterns and the natural I was a bit unsatisfied with the body colour for one reason. The flies I was looking for the darker PMD were of the same colour as the top of the body, but unless I am mistaken, trout/grayling mostly see the fly from underneath so the colour for this one is roughly that of the underbody.

Hook- 16-18 straight eye or down eye of your choice

Thread- Uni 8/0 Tan

Body- Tan tying thread ribbed with gold wire

Thorax- Fur from centre of Hares Mask

Hackle- Small brownish hackle from English Partridge neck.

PMD no.2


This one was the following experiment, I also wanted a version with the more orange body and dubbed as well. The segmentation of the body is achieved by rope dubbing the material instead of standard dubbing methods.

Hook- same as No.1

Thread- same as No.1

Body- Rope dubbed Bull Frawg Dubbing in PMD orange

Thorax- same as No.1

Hackle- Small grey partridge from the lower neck of the English Partridge.


The Dun Partridge

A recent swap on the flymphforum had me wondering what I could tie that no one else would. The swap was for warm water fish but seeing what the others were tying or intended to I thought of the ideal fly. The picture was in my mind but could I find it in my books no. So from memory it was and I think it got changed to the pattern presented now.

Hook- Kamasan B175 12-16
Thread- Black 8/0 uni thread
Rib- Peacock herl (would have liked to have rope dubbed this but the effect I was getting didn’t look right at the time).
Body- Dun Hares Web from the Flytyers Dungeon
Hackle- Grey Partridge
Head- Peacock herl

I have seen some different hooks for this type of wet fly but I haven’t got around to getting some.

By the time I had finished I had a nice set of flies for the swap with a few spares for the swap meister.