Deep in the forest

I’ve been meaning to fish the small stream that I fished last weekend for a while, been trying a couple of years but never got around to it and I finally managed it. The trouble was weekends were a struggle with kids and keeping up with a couple of fly orders and other stuff. Now with most of the fly orders done and the kids either working or doing weekend stuff I now have the time to explore. This weekend was just busy but hopefully will give another opportunity.

I was glad that I  finally found this stream and it was ideal for the little 6 foot rod that I got, it looks bigger in the picture on the web site but in reality it small. Size as they say doesn’t matter, it was fun. Exploring small streams, and larger ones for that matter is one of the reasons why I like doing what I do. There is another stream in the same area which I can fish and that may be on the cards next.

Anyway, I managed to get 7 small browns out of the few hours that I fished, I missed a few as well which insisted on splashing at the small flies that I was using. The best flies seemed to be size 16 sedges, like elk hair sedges but without the hackle and a hi-float fibre underwing. As is typical with small streams like this in wooded areas (try forest), there was not alot of fly life but I did see a couple of large mayflies which may have be brook duns. Some spots were so over ground that I wasn’t able to reach them.

Other things I saw during the afternoon was evidence of feeding wild boar (don’t see that very often) and idiot dog owners who cann’t keep their dogs under control. Plus another idiot who forgot his camera otherwise there would be some nice pictures to show.



Dropped In For A Quicky

The other week I found myself working in an area that would mean that I could fish on the way home. I had the choice of a simple stop one way, to fish a small stream which I may have mentioned before in an area of industrial development. The other option was to visit the Forest of Dean. In the end I opted for the first plan, this was mostly due to the weather being down right wet, this posed the threat that the other streams were in flood or at least high water. I also had something else I had to do. So on a decent evening when I wasn’t to tired and the sun was out and warm I struck.

I pulled into the layby by the little stream in the Stroud area and got the little new rod out tied on a size 16 grey Elk Hair caddis and went down to the water edge. The stream was a little high for the time of year and a milky white. The colour wasn’t nothing to worry about because this is a limestone stream. I made a couple of casts and bang, a little 6 inch Brown with lots of colour, this spot was easy access so I presume it hadn’t been fished for a few days. Good start! I had tried this spot a couple times before and had nothing so I was happy. I made my way upstream, missed a couple then a nice 10 incher took the fly and I was done I couldn’t make it further upsteam because of fence so I went home, I hadn’t realised I had only fished for 20 minutes.