Is Fishing Over Valued in Some Places?

The following article maybe somewhat controversial to some but it is how I feel on the matter and I will not change my mind on the subjects covered. I have written this to get the following of my mind and needs to be aired. It is more aimed at those who think fly fishing should be for the rich and no one else (your very wrong!).

I recently saw that a piece of the river Itchen was available for £600,000, now I knew fishing goes for that kind of money in places but to me is a gross over evaluation of fishing. Tom Sutcliffe from South Africa wrote a couple of weeks in his newsletter asking the question if they under value their fishing. The simple  answer in my opinion is a big massive NO in money terms. All fishing is precious no matter where it is, whether its in the middle of nowhere, through urban places or any where else for that matter.  While chalkstreams are of historical value as well as places of beauty and uniqueness,  their price is well over valued. All it does is keep the fishing for those with big deep pockets and shuts out those on a very tight budget. I am a very firm believer in that fishing is for all, whatever your budget, beliefs, etc. It should not be elitist, I fish or meet people from all walks of life on the river bank and what binds us is the love of fishing.
Back to the piece of fishing on the Itchen, I have fished a stretch of it (not sure if its the bit for sale because it was so long ago) and due to the stocking policy and the appearance I consider it to be nothing more than a stew pond. The Grayling fishing was good though because I remember that!

As as a side note, fishing is different things to different people. I like to explore on my own or fish with friends. I really don’t like guided fishing, I just don’t enjoy it. I have put my trip to Slovenia on hold for this very reason (also mostly my back as well). I felt I was being pushed into the corner of being forced to have a guide despite repeatedly saying I just wanted to be dumped by the river. I was also being charged for one which I felt was wrong. Just because I’m travelling doesn’t mean I want a guide and should not be forced to use one unless I ASK for one (like when I manage get around to go Bonefishing).