Trials with Hi-Float.

Late last year a new material appeared from the Mad Scientist at FlyTyers Dungeon called Hi-Float fibre. So I bought some to try, I have since found that he has some more colours coming out soon, including black (and I already have a fly planned for that). I tried an few small midges and green flies just after I got the stuff and looked forward to trying them out over Christmas but due to the conditions I didn’t get get a chance. Since then I have been trying it on other, larger sedge and mayflies. I wings on the flies need a bit of brushing to look better but the overall effect is pleasing, if only I could get out and give them a try.




Jarred Storage

Continuing from the post where I wrote about materials collection at Christmas I thought I’d share my methods of storage. Any skins I get are preserved in the normal way with borax and stored in resealable bags so I won’t say much more about that.
Loose feathers on the other hand seem to be more common when dealing with well intentioned friends. There are two ways of deal with these. The first is wash (always wash!) and throw in a bag and store in a airtight box with others. In this case as well as skins I will put them with similar stuff such as a box for game birds, a box for deer, etc. My preferred method of storage with loose feathers and occasions bits of fur hide and squirral tails is jars. I got this idea from the Eric Leiser book on materials (a tyers bible on such matters). I will store the most common and used types such as lemon Woodduck for example in a airtight jar, my favourite is supplied with coffee which as to be drunk first before cleaning the jar. A recent tying desk sort out as resulted and some home made shelves fixed to the wall.


Christmas and the Fly Tyer

Its that time of year again, Winter, the time in the northern Hemisphere when the trout fishing is largely finished so the less hardy retreat indoors or go south. Some have discovered the joys of Grayling but often the weather is against us so we take the chance to restock our boxes. As with most seasons the tying season also has a highlight, namely Christmas. Not just gifts from family Santa but the gifts of the season, namely gifts of the season.
Aren’t Christmas decorations lovely! Unfortunately, or should that be fortunately for those with restricted space, not all of it can be used. I take the opportunity at this time of year to stock up on tinsels, particularly gold and silver for tinsels bodies. Also check out the packets of fine tinsels which work well in streamer wings. I’ve also found a gold wire type material for ribbing. The possibilities are endless, it just takes imagination when looking at this stuff.
Just to top all this bright flashy stuff off, its also an excellent time to be nice to the game dealers, butchers and shooting friends. This is because its a good time collect raw feathers and fur. Many people will be out over the holidays and their prey will be in its prime or pretty close to it. I am also counting road kill, although these days I am very choosy in what I collect, if its in good condition then as far as I’m concerned it fair game! I have used this time to collect any duck, pheasant and partridge feathers as well as deer hair and squirrel fur. Once you get this stuff home I strongly suggest that you wash it! Some people say you must microwave it or freeze it. Well, I don’t, I have been collecting for years and haven’t had trouble due to the stringent washing policy and keeping stuff in isolation before adding to the collection, but its up to you. If you manage to collect enough it may be possible to have some fun with dyes which I may have covered else where. I will cover storage of material at a later date.

So this Christmas, take the time to restock on seasonal flash and game.