I know its late in the year to be posting about Hoppers and I did mean to post this months ago but work and other things tied me up a bit. So, finally I can do it and maybe give you time to tie a few up ready for next year. Winter time, after all, is a time for experimentation and filling the fly box and if you tie these then thoughts of warm/hot summer days may just fill your mind.

This pattern was shown to me by Roman Moser, one of my favourite tiers and influences. Well, he did but I tied these a bit different because after the first few I realised that I had tied the legs in before tying in the body rather than tying the legs in on top of the body. Personally I think the fly looks better with the legs sticking out of body like shown in the pictures.

The legs are another change in that instead of round rubber, I have used Bug Legs from the Flytyers Dungeon. The back legs are stiffen with larva lace and tied back as with the natural.

Hook:- 3x nymph hook of your choice and size, in my case 10-16

Thread:- Invisible thread or mono thread, fine

Legs:- Tie these in first in three sets, bug legs of the appropriate colour. The back legs are tied back and barred with marker pen on the section with the larva lace strengthening (see picture below).

Body:- Foam, colour to match natural (browns, yellows or olives). Cut to twice the hook shank length and push the hook at roughly half way. Fold back the foam and tie down so there are segments showing.

Wings:-Pearl crystal flash, figure of eight tied in as spent wings.

Back:- Foam, colour to match natural, green, olive or brown. I super glue this along the back otherwise it sticks up as foam does when tied in tight.

Sighter (optional):- Red wool.

Hopper seen from above showing the barring on the legs on the larva lace section.

Brown backed variation of the hopper. Also shows the shape of the back or upper body foam.