Restock and experimentation….

Its the time of year when the trout season as finished in many places and thoughts turn to tying the flies for next season…unless you also fish for Grayling or travel to far off places. I have more free time now I have my degree so for the first time in six years I can look forward to a winter of tying with disturbances. Basically, I don’t plan the tying although I have some idea what I’m going to do. The first is restock then go on to try new ideas. Often I can combine the two.

Following on from the last fishing post I have been restocking the Snowshoe Rabbit Emergers.

These have worked extremely well for me this year and last year as well. I cann’t remember where the pattern came from although it is likely that they are the result of seeing a fly I liked then changing it. I first tied them to imitate emerging Pale Wateries but I’m sure the fish take them for BWO’s and other similar bugs. I also suspect that with their profile that they are taken for sedges  as well. They originally had a body to match the pale wateries but the past couple of weeks they have expanded to include other bugs. The large Dark Olive and Iron Dun, I may add others next summer but have other ideas waiting to be tried.

Pattern Listing

Hook- size 18-22 (change as needed for other types of Mayfly) TMC101
Thread- Veevus 16/0, Olive
Tail- Coq De Leon
Body- Skeeter Fuzz, rope dubbed  PMB, in the case above or recently               or recent patterns, Iron Blue (Medium Dun) and Large Dark Olive (Olive Brown). Both of these were tied with Bull Frawg dubbing, again rope dubbed to get the segmented body.

Wing- Snowshoe Rabbit either light or medium dun according to the fly being imitated.
Thorax- Claret Mr. Peacock dubbing.

The head is finished with the standard wax method I use on dries which I was shown in Slovenia and will be shown in a future step by step.

While I was doing this restock I had an idea while looking at some Bug Legs that I had sat I my bench the colouration looked about the right colour for what I was tying so I thought I would give it a try for the body. The pattern is the same as before but the body is now bugs legs.

I am now looking forward to giving this new variation a try when I get the chance, likely being next year.