I am a fly fisher/tyer from the United Kingdom with over 30 years experience in the pleasures of fly fishing and fly tying. My day job is that of an archaeologist which enables me to travel the country unfortunately the fishing in the areas in which I work is difficult to find.  I have been known to tie professionally to raise a bit of money for my trips which have taken me to Wales, parts of the UK, Ireland, Slovenia and Cape Cod and upstate New York, USA.

I originally started to blog about my fishing days and tying at the end of 2011 with the idea of sharing my days on the water and also to show the results of my time at the tying table with the hope of being able to inspire others and also that they may learn from what I produce at the tying table.

The other reason behind this blog is that it acts as a reminder and record of where and when I have fished thus being a some what public diary.


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