No Hope Start

Its been a long time, to long both on this blog and to the stream. Work as got in the way and I’ve been busy on the tying side of things. Not for myself, oh no. I did a set for someone going for Golden Dorado and I’m currently working a big load of flies for someone (I don’t mind because this pays for the fishing. February saw me at the BFFI, a last minute invite which I was very happy to accept. great fun and another chance to restock the tying table. I also got a new vice which I’ve been very happy about but I’m still waiting for the tube fly jaws.

The season started in Wales on the 3rd of March but the weather was not good… snow. Then I had my usual week of at the end of March but the rain of mega proportions struck so I was tying for many hours. The chalkstreams were very high and over the banks. In places they still are, I saw for myself today.


The above photo was taken when I arrived, the water must be at least a foot higher than normal at this point because on the left where the tree is should be a dry reed bed where the swans normally would be nesting. There was a fair few Grannom sedge about but due to the colour and height of the river I saw no rises, nothing at all (small fish in the case don’t count).

After a couple of hours of sitting, watching and few half harted casts I moved up stream to the West Amesbury stretch.


The river here seemed a little less coloured but was several inches higher than normal. Not so much fly life and still no rises. At about 3 I saw one then a couple of others and all on the far bank. It was at this point I was wished I had fished the Usk or even the Taff but I was still happy to be out. Not good  fish wise, there is still next week.