And then the clouds came





A new season brings new hope and beginnings, so I return to fishing and blogging after a few months of being busy with work and tying. I’ve been doing the usual big fly order and trying one or two new things (more of that over the next couple of weeks).

After a delay in escaping I finally got to go fishing on the last day of March, slacking I know with the Usk opening at the beginning but alas the kids kept demanding my attention at the weekend and the general feeling of not wanting to drive due to car prangs which weren’t my fault. It wasn’t my usual start, no tiny streams or the centre of Usk. Nope, I found that an old club, MTAA had changed their subscriptions and all I had to pay was for a season ticket. It also covers the Taff which is an improving river and not just trout but salmon as well. With the salmon fishing very poor I’m not going to really bigger with them so the trout should keep me busy.

The day began with my arrival at 11ish with bright clear skies with a quite a bit of fly life about so things looked promising. There was the small detail of river height, it was a little to high for trout and a little coloured so it was going to be difficult. Straight away I went for soft hackles, just because I like them at this time of year and I was more interested in taking it easy. Nymphs will have to wait another day. The first choices weren’t popular with the trout but after moving to the lower section I changed to a different top dropper pattern which I can not remember the name of but looked right.



I will post the pattern another day but it bought me my first trout of the season but appears to imitate the March Brown that I seem to have missed. It was at this point the clouds rolled in and a chill filled the air so there was no chance of another hatch of Grannom sedges. but it felt good to be out. I also had the chance to speak to two other people fishing and was told that the salmon fishing on the Usk was again poor with the Wye also poor (compared to last year which was good).



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