Striperheads Watch Out For Sharks

This time three weeks ago I was on my way back from my now annual trip to Cape Cod for the Striperheads clave. It’s more than a clave but a group of friends having an annual get together to catch up but it’s clave atmosphere is still there because new comers are always welcome. There was one new comer this year for me although she had actually been last year but the day after I left. The fishing itself seems to have been more consistent with fish being caught in several places and seemingly slightly higher numbers. I also noticed more bigger fish.

The first full days fishing for myself and Bill took place in an tidal area near Wellfleet, the area seemed very flat with a semi soft bottom with Bill deciding to try his Kayak later in the week. The best spot was the inlet type location with a sluice type thing running under the road. I managed a few fish from here on the a white beastermaster.


On the Tuesday I fished from Morris Island because we had heard that it had been good fishing over the previous few weeks but a chance encounter on the way down to the ocean and a chat found that the pogies had left the area. I managed to find a small feeding frenzy about a mile along the beach but no takers. I fished up and down looking for fish but nothing. I was later picked up and we went back to the camp site for debriefing. Wayne informed us, once he appeared, that the mill pond was very productive.

Thursday found Bill and myself back at Wellfleet , on the way we had seen a mill pond, salt marsh area that looked promising. We even noticed a large fish swirl when we drove past. Bill visited the spot the following day and manged a few good Stripers. What we found when we got to Wellfleet was that the tide was coming in and pretty high already so we spent some time doing a recon of the area. Wish I had seen it a couple of days before when I was wading.


Oh well, at least we found a new beach to fish near by. We gave the beach a couple of hours but nothing took or showed it self so we went back to the camp site.

Friday was spent doing alot of recon for new places to fish including the Bass river which looked really good but that was going to have to wait. The reason for this was that the weather had turned with heavy over night ran fall. The cooking area didn’t look to good but we still managed to get a coffee.


Saturday morning actually found myself and Bill at Herring river where we found fish. While the tide was coming in we managed to pick up several fish but once the water was pretty high the bites tailed off. We put this down to the fish being dispersed and not so tightly packed. Saturday also marked the annual Striperheads clave diner in the evening. I missed last years but this year it was just nice to sit, eat and spend time with friends.

Sunday was the last full day of fishing. Today I joined Ron on a trip to Morris Island. We walked from the car park and made our way along the beach towards the entrance to the harbour with Harding beach opposite but we didn’t quite get there because I show fish about half way along. A few casts and I took a nice Striper of about 17 inches. Then nothing, I continued walking and looking for fish but had to turn around due to time constraints. On the way back I noticed a couple of bow waves in the shallows and saw not two Stripers but half a dozen at least. I spooked the lot. After this I spotted a couple more fish which Ron went for but didn’t get them. These were big fish of at least 40 inches.

Monday was go home day. On the way myself and Splinta stopped at Brewsers Flats, I am still in denial that fish were feeding. But they were, we spotted a very good fish swirl along with several others. Oh, Well theres’ still next year.



It’s a Matter of Quality

After my recent experiences over the past year I feel compelled to write a piece on a subject that is important to tyers, namely the quality of the materials being used. The issue really came to me while I was tying for my recent trip to Cape Cod. What concerns me is that it isn’t restricted to just one company but many.

I started to get really annoyed with the quality of the marabou and hackles last year but this year it seems worst and now the problem seems getting worst. I bought materials from a well known mail order supplier (sportfish, materials from this company varied in quality but really good to not fit for purpose). I also got stuff from lesser known suppliers but always the quality varied. What happened to quality control? Some of the saddle feathers were so bad they looked like feather duster rejects, I will most likely start using feather dusters instead. One supplier had the marabou I wanted (blood marabou) but roughly 80% was not fit for use. Materials from Veniards seems to be varied in quality or grading, blood marabou for example seems to be more like standard marabou but the end result on the fly was nice despite the thick stem of the feather.

The quality issue can also be applied to other areas. For example, beads seem to have no set standard even the sizes seem to vary with a 2mm bead being slightly different in size from one company to the next. The holes on the beads also seem to be largely substandard with the holes very often bigger than the hook eye its supposed to sit behind so that it falls off the front of the fly.

So what of the future and how can we fix this. I don’t see much changing unless tyers start rejecting the rubbish and leaving it with the supplier. It will be best to tell the supplier that the material is not good enough for use apart from having a jolly good fire. I seem to finding  my natural materials from other sources instead of fly shops/ mailorder . In fact I am now no longer going to buy natural material from mail order dealers. Instead I will be going to the shows and shifting through the feathers and fur and picking out what I want instead of taking my chances.