What Happened In 2015?

As I sit here thinking, I feel compelled to give a general round up of the past years fishing and tying. My thoughts on this took root the other day while I was fishing and again on the way home.
Early season saw me fish the river Usk once again this year so that I can fish the March brown hatch. Last year saw the best batch for many years and I have never seen so many in one day. I am really hopeful that the flooding that we currently have won’t cause enough damage to these files. I currently have enough holiday left to get to the Usk again late March. Around this time (March) I received a phone call from an old friend asking if I could tie a few flies for his club. This little order paid for the September trip you the US.
The weather and other factors played weird tricks on the fishing. It was one of those years, just like the year before when it was difficult to guess what was going on. This was when thing my own flies really paid off because I saw able to adapt easily to the conditions. The mayfly batch was a classic example,  a pretty good hatch which normal finishes until about mid to  end of June but come August and they were still around in good numbers so I was having to keep my boxes full of these flies. The weather played a factor in me not hitting the bwo spinner fall right despite a phone call or two,  grrr. And the flies kept going out…
Come mid August I finished the big order and my own for the years big trip. It was also around this time that it dawned on me that my test to see if degreasing the leader when dry fly fishing made a difference. The conclusion is that it  doesn’t. We have been brain washed! However, I still have to make my mind up about when we fish nymphs and whether degreasing the leader matters, I am kind off thinking that it does.
The autumn brought Grayling and mild weather. This meant that I needed small dies as  the Grayling seemed to have very little interest in the nymphs normally used at this time of year. The trout, although out of season didn’t really care but they seemed to be in better condition than normal.

So now its the 2nd January, the weather is still mild but wet, very wet and its an good opportunity to get flies tied. First for the big order to help pay for my fishing, secondly for myself although I am thinking that tying flies for the show will need to take precedence with the order. I have a feeling that this season will be unpredictable so it may be best to tie as I need the flies but get a few basic, so reliables done for the box.