The Forest Sandeel

A few months ago I bought myself a few bits of corsair and Secret stuff from Jack Gartsides website. Although the man himself is sadly no longer with us ( a big influence on my tying and fishing), the web master has kept the site alive and is still selling the books and materials. A was a little while before I could get to the package thanks to the nice big order that I was working on, but I had ideas! The first was a sandeel pattern which was a slight variation on Jacks and others which I have seen, mostly in the head area.

Forest Sandeel

               Forest Sandeel

The fly is tied on standard saltwater hooks in this case a size 4 but 2’s and 6’s may also be useful. The fly is tied by tying a bunch of the hair around the rear half of the fly and tying down, then add a second colour above for the back. Don’t restrict to the colours in the photograph, try a darker back or the pink colour. I would suggest using Awesome hair which is very similar and I am convinced is the same stuff may be used as well or in stead off but I can no longer find a supplier since disappeared of the face of the earth.

The first time I fished it was on Forest Beach (hence the flies name), Cape Cod the day that the albies were winding me and a friend up. After that I tried it on the bluefish and actually caught some of those on this fly. But I will admit that I have a problem taking Beastmasters of the end of the line because I catch so many fish on them that I really didn’t try this fly enough…must fish more!