May in July ?

About a week ago I took an invitation to fish a stretch of the Avon near to one of my club stretches. A have fished there before but this time is was by kind invitation of the river keeper. Through emails I knew that there had been a couple of good late evening BWO spinner falls, but the temperature had started dropping to much again in the evening so it may not happen the night I fished. It kind of did but I had to leave due to an early start the following day.

I had arrived early enough to also find out that a half decent hatch had occured the previous day of Mayflies (the big ones that normally hatch at the end of May begining of June). I had seen the odd spinner in the garden the previous days but on the Avon there were also a few about, enough to interest the fish. I had a feeling that the fish were on the spinners and luckily I still had one stuck in the waist coat foam. This resulted in a confident rise from a 3lb brown but the fish managed to mangle the fly and so a change to a roadkill wulff was required. This took another fish and rose a couple of others. The rise died about 9ish but the fish started again half an hour later but I had to leave due to an early start the following day.



A Date for Next Year

A few weeks ago I had my invite to tie at the British Fly Fair International which I have accepted. I am really looking forward to this, which is a first for me. I plan on demonstrating a number of patterns and variations of others. The theme as always with my tying is blending the perfect blend of natural and man made material. This will also be  combined with ‘substitution isn’t wrong’. This will hopefully so that you can change a patten to suit both the tyer and what they have available to hand instead of having to spend alot on that expensive stuff. Another reason is that I firmly believe that a pattern can be improved over a period of time as new materials and techniques become available or learnt.

See you there, please bring coffee