A Change In The weather Wrecks the Fishing

I have managed to get some more fishing in during the past week but not as much as I would like. The reason for this has been family over Easter and a large fly order. Yes, I know I said a few weeks ago I was going to stop this but an old friend emailed to ask if I would do some flies for the club that he is Head Keeper for. How could I refuse! I had previously tied for said club as well as Stuart when he ran a fishing lodge on the shores of Lough Sheelin in central Ireland. He dangled the carrot of a large order (possibly enough to pay for a flight plus some lodging on Cape Cod) plus some fishing.

Any how, the fishing included a day on the Wylie where the river was pretty low like the Avon with a few fish rising. The fish were still spooky though as it is a small stream at the point where I fished as well as now being a catch and release wild stream.The fish appeared to be going for small sedges and olives so I tried the now standard Grizzle Mink and CDC sedge. Most of the fish took the Mink. The colour of the fish was fantastic with edged fins but not very coloured along the body.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA day after the Wylie I fished the Avon near West Amesbury and despite the chill I still managed to catch. I check one stretch and no rising fish but all of a sudden the fish appeared but this coincided with the wind suddenly getting up and the Large Dark Olives hatching. I spotted one good looking fish which once I got it in was thin, possibly due to spawning. Good fight though, I suspect that if it was in full condition then it may well have hit the 2lb mark. The colouration on this fish was totally different to the the Wylie fish.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe weekend saw a total change with clear skies and a rise in the temperature, as it turned out this has put the trout down as the fishing over the past two days (yesterday and the day before) was dire with no sign of trout so I have had to make do with a couple of Grayling. What I did notice was that sedges were now about so the Grannam hatch soon be coming off soon.



Revisting Old Friends

Yesterday was April 1st and so it was the opening day of my clubs chalkstreams. Before fishing I dropped by an old friend who now is a river keeper and dropped some flies off. Still unsure where to go I drove down the valley to a lower stretch and found a lack of parking! That didn’t really matter as the wind was really blowing just there. I drove back up the valley, through Woodford, that looked busy so continued north to Amesbury. The wind was still here but not so bad in places. Being the first day there was a few people about but I found piece in a favourite spot below the hatches. A nice riffle with a few Large Dark Olive coming off and the odd rise. Were the odd fish interested, NO. So after a while I moved upstream to another early season stretch. Just as I got there I noticed the odd fish rising and a few flies coming off. One fish in particular looked good, After a couple of cast it took a size 12 Grizzle Mink (this years top fly so far). This turned out to be a stock fish which had over wintered with most of the fins mended but the right front fin was still badly formed. I am sure that this fish would hit the 2lb mark if it wasn’t so thin.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust as this fish was landed I noticed that the wind was getting up and the temperature seemed to be dropping. I managed one more, smaller Brown before the rises slowed right down and the flies more or less disappeared. I had noticed a couple of bigger fish rising but these can wait until the next time.