Blue Flash Damsel Variant

In my last post I mentioned my success with a variation of the Blue Flash Damsel nymph. I personally wouldn’t call it a nymph as it is more of a olive streamer with a gold bead head. The main change that I have changed is that I have used a material from the Fly Tyers Dungeon called Kracken Enhanced dubbing. This dubbing has rubber legs which give the fly more life than the palmered hackled of the original and a pearl glister.


I tied this fly on size 10 and 12 3x nymph although this can be changed to suit your waters. I also suggest changing the colour to suit as well (depending on the colours of dubbing available), When it comes to the tail, the marabou can be adjusted by pinching the ends of. Blue holographic flashabou type material is used in the tail (not much, 2 or 3 strands tied in and bent back and tied down. The same material is used as the rib.