So That What a Rainbow Looks Like!

Its been a while since I caught a Rainbow Trout, largely due to them not living in the rivers that I fish. A recent invitation to a small lake gave me a few hours of fishing for these and boy was it fun. The day also reminded me that it was time to try my own club lakes but only of the rivers cann’t be fished as they are what I enjoy most. I don’t think I have actually caught one for years (at least since the last time I went to Slovenia). I was told before hand to have a few Blue flash Damsels. I did a bit of searching and found a pattern or two proving that there are no standards. They looked like little wooly buggers, so how can you call them damsels? So from this thinking and not having any olive grizzly hackle ( I am not keen on plain hackle, I tied a variation (so good and nice looking I’ll do a separate post.

The day was cold, really cold and the lakes were clearish and I good see the fish with a few good sized ones. I tied a size 12 blue flash rubber on and that is all I needed. The odd fish did show, possibly to midge but mostly they were deep and I managed to get roughly a dozen and to forget to take pictures.



No Fish is Better Than Staying at Home

A new year and I have already started as I intend to go on. I went fishing, I meant to go yesterday as well as earlier in the week but one thing or the other prevented me. It had significantly warmed up since yesterday and was drizzling and dull, not good  due to the sudden change from freezing conditions of the past week or so. I had promised my self that I was going and that was that, so I went. It still didn’t look good when I arrived (once I found it) thanks to the weather but on top of this the river was somewhat murky but I continued.

The picture says it all, dull and the rods on the bench.

Despite my best efforts I was not able to get so much as I slight tug. The conditions suggested a heavy nymph so that is what what I used (bright pink and a creamy larvae type thing). Nothing, I saw no fish rise and only one or two small flies about. But It was not a wasted day as I was able to locate this new to me stretch of river which despite being available to me for years I hadn’t bothered with it but after today I have it ear marked for summer trout when hopefully the river will be in better condition and the fish will be visible.