2014, Year in Review

Its once again that time when I think about the past year and what I learnt. This past season made me think more due to the conditions, weather and opportunities presented. It gave me a perspective and rough plan for my future fishing/tying and showed me a few things for consideration.

The first thing that this year as shown is that nothing is defined as it should be. Often we plan a trip and tell the people where we have booked what we are looking for in a trip. It hurts me to say this but some people don’t listen, why do I say this. Well its simple, some people I consider friends had told me that if I visited I would be staying as a guest but I had the wrong impression. I was still to be a paying guest! and I was going to be guided, despite telling them all I wanted was a place to stay, food and transport to the rivers so that I could explore on my own. It appeared that I was not going to get this. So the much looked forward trip was cancelled. I was not happy. In the end my weeks fishing was transferred to a week at the end of September and I had a lovely time exploring new stretches of river. After this I will be doing future trips where I will be based in hotels/hostels or camp sites and find my own way about, much more satisfying and fun.

In my search for new waters I was able to discover new small streams, some were close to home (under half an hour), even though one of these was in a built up area the fishing promises to be good to excellent. The club I belong to also got targeted for exploration, I fished some places that I either hadn’t tried or fished in years. So these are going to be targeted along with those that I missed in the coming year.

On the flies side of things, I found once again that most of my fish, where ever I fished fell to the same few flies unless there was a specific hatch or other food source. I also found that it was best to tye flies has I needed them to suit the conditions. Having said this, the dozen or so constant catchers wherever I am will be stocked up over the next couple of months. To save time during the season when all I need to tie is restocks and specials to suit the conditions. There is a possibility that a trip to Ireland will be made so the Irish boxes will require restocking. Either or and, Cape Cod is also a possibility. However, the passport needs renewing.

On a slight sad note, I have decided that I will no longer be tying for others as it doesn’t pay enough to make it worth while.



The Pink Spot Shrimp

When I last fished I got thinking about the colours used in one of the most effective flies that I use for Grayling. The Red Spot Shrimp has been one of my go to patterns for many years but there are times that I feel that it should be working when it isn’t. Still, I may be using it when I shouldn’t! So, my thought was this, what if I changed things a little. Over the past couple of years I have found that pink is very effective on Grayling and trout at times so why not swap the red spot for a pink one?


The top shrimp is the dull pink version with the bright pink dubbing example below.

It was with this thought that I sat at the tying bench and set to work. I found that I had no suitable bright yarn to use but had the next best thing. A dull pink which was similar to one of the dubbings that I use was found in the drawer. The resulting fly looked OK and will be tested if the conditions are OK this week. I also tied a second version with a bright dubbing which looked even better and will trial this one this week.

I have also felt that the fly may also better tied in colours other than an orange/orange mix and may benefit from other dubbings as well (I’m looking at rubber legged ones and possible different seals fur mixes) the variations on this is end less. It all seems to be an endless excuse to play at the vise, more fun in the winter evenings! (beats the crap on TV) The flies in the picture were tied with K.R.A.P. dubbing from the Flytyers Dundgeon which is basically the scraps left over from the dubbing mixing table (apparently).