The Disappearing Tying Sites

Every now and then a site appears on the net which is fantastic,  well thought out and provides information for tyers that is much needed.  It is very disappointing that many of the best ones disappear after a while.  Saltwaterflying. com was one,  still much needed but went years ago.  There was one (or were there two?)  for the realistic tyer,  gone also.  A few months back flytyersden went as well,  this one went due to expensive server expenses and I suspect time as well.  I bring this up because I  occasionally need the kind of information on these sites for my projects.  In  the case of flytyersden its because I am finally planning on a trip to Ireland next year and need some fly patterns.  This site would have been a big help because alot of Irish tyers were on there and I want some local and also up to date infomation on Irish tying.  There is nothing anywhere else.  Magazines just don’t have it. 


2 thoughts on “The Disappearing Tying Sites

    • Hi Greg, thanks for the thought but please don’t put microsoft links on my blog as I hate them with a passion and do not endorse any off their products. The point is that we shouldn’t be losing any of these sites as alot of the information on them is to valuable to loose.

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