Plans Thrown Out the Window.

Well, all I can say its the Dentists fault I headed south instead of west. I had it all planned, go to dentist the tooth filled and get back in plenty of time to just jump in the car and go. I had the kit in the car, but the dentist was running late, really late and then I was in there longer than expected so I admitted defeat and totally changed my choice of stream. The Wylie is closer by at least 3/4 of an hour, even going on Google maps time (its always waayyy out). So I headed of and found the Wylie devoid of people, had the place to myself. The river was clear and still at summer levels so the fish were really spooky, either that or I was just scary today. Apparently we have had the driest September for a long time and I am of the opinion that because its still hot/warm and the weather thinks its summer so do the trout. They don’t seem to be following normal Autumn feeding patterns and eating everything to get the winter fat on instead they seem to be ‘gone doggo’ and laying up on the bottom with the odd one venturing to the surface. This really cann’t be good.


After a while I decided to move on, I ventured up the A360 and A303 and fished at Woodford for a while. Same kind of behaviour, but at 4ish bugs started to appear in some number which woke the fish up. I had some interest to a cinnamon coloured  klinkhammer. Then nothing, so I tried a size 16 rusty para-spinner. Second cast and a nice Brown was on, full finned wild fish.



Returned to the Urban Jungle And a New Fly

I haven’t posted for a little while with good reason, I’ve been really busy at work trying to get stuff at a good point before a few days off. However, I did get back to the small stream that I wrote about the last time. I only had an hour of day light left after dropping the kids of at their mothers so I figured it was worth it seeing as though I drive right past it. There was less fish moving than last time but it was getting dark under the trees and getting some what cooler. I managed to get interest from a couple of fish including one to the down stream dry. The wake of the fly must have got its attention. I was just happy to wave the rod around for a bit and that is better than no fishing right? In all likely hood I doubt I will fish this stream again this season unless I am lucky seeing as though its only open for the next 4 or 5 days. The winter will hopefully give me time to check other sections out and find the car parking places which is a consideration where this stream is.

I have also had an idea for a fly, it came to me during the past week while I was at work and mentally planning this weeks fishing. I was thinking about the streams in Wales and the possibility of small stone flies. Stimulators were in the running and still are but they can wait until the winter tying. I actually sat down to tie some but was looking for something that was more simple and along the same lines seeing as though they will likely end up in the tress. Quick and simple. I have had some Big Popper Dubbing from the flytyers dungeon on my table for a few months with the thought ‘bit coarse for the tiny stuff’ but then I realised that it may be ideal for this fly. I tried it and boy does it do the trick, and with rubber legs sticking out to save tying in a palmered hackle, just what I wanted. Tied in various colours although at the moment, olive, dun and salmon orange in sizes 14 and 16 (maybe still worth doing in size 18 as well, Its going on trial tomorrowOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAshley


Deep in The Urban Jungle

I have just got back from a new stream, one that I have been meaning to fish for a long time and quite frankly I should have stopped the excuses and fished it sooner, why? I was expecting to find lots of people along the foot paths and there wasn’t. I went with the belief that the fish would be small. The river is question is one of a number of small streams amongst the urban setting of Stroud which I found last year while reading ‘Trout in Dirty Places’. It is controlled by the local council who allow free access so long as you have a rod licence and its accessible from the public foot paths but parking is something of a pain. Much of it is in wooded valleys hidden from the road which in places can be described as being a jungle based gorge! The geology is limestone so the fish SHOULD have been pretty. I say should because I didn’t actually land any, one came off and the other got stuck on a tree root sticking out into the river.


I tried a size 14 sedge but they weren’t interested but a change down in size to 18 in the form of a olive klinkhammer and the fish started to show interest where I was able to get to the river, it maybe better if I had worn wading boots to got into some parts of the stream but it is a small stream and a shame to wade. It looks like it maybe worth taking some smallish soft hackles to fish down stream in some places where fishing upstream dry is impossible, I found fishing downstream dries didn’t work. I don’t think I will put off exploring this stream and the one that it runs into for long but I only have another 4 weeks before it closes.