Beaten by a Couple of Pea Brains

This past Sunday I took the chance to get down to the Avon near Salisbury in the hope of some trout action. The club forums mentioned smutting fish (basically feeding on small black reed smuts). I found the place some what deserted so I had the whole place to my self but I didn’t move much. Why? Because I found to rather nice decent sized Browns feeding.I am sure they were after emergers or some thing small in the surface by the way they were feeding/rising. I tried everything, dries, the odd nymph in the jack and when I went to get the nymph box out. Oh dear, not there I then remembered it was back in the house. Its not very often that I forget something. After 3 hours, still no hook up! They had come to look at a couple of flies (a new sedge pupae and a couple of dries) but no. I tried small stuff but no what they wanted. The first thing I did when I got home was to get out the book I knew would have the answer ‘Chalk Stream Chronicle’ by Neil Patterson. Yeap, I will be tying some of titchy smuts ready for the neat trip and those big fishies are still there (to my knowledge. I did get a small 10 inch brown and a couple of Grayling but it really was the chance to get a decent sized fish that would have made the day.

One thing I did see with the reaction of those Browns was when I cast a bead headed nymph at them they were not happy, in fact it seemed to scare them. Lesson on this day, don’t use bead heads in clear water!