Deep Welsh Jungle

A couple of days ago I made the trip as part of my attempt to explore the various small streams on my Wye and Usk Foundation wild streams ticket and any where else for that matter. I fished one of the wild stream waters back in March on a day ticket with success. However, I am now armed with a season ticket (in addition to my Salisbury one) so west I go.
I visited what I thought would be a nice little stream, the Garren but when I first saw it my heart sank. It was amongst a jungle of vegetation and the first beastie I found or rather, found me was a horse fly (not good, large with big teeth ). It does look as though they have started to clear this stream and I expect it will be much more attractive when they finish. Still, it was 3 to 4 feet below the high backs and looks a bit deep to wade. it was also somewhat murky so I couldn’t spot the fish.

20140727_200336I did manage to work out the bounderies while I was there (I think) and saw 3 rises. One looked pretty decent which I actually managed to get a 16 olive Klunk to and hooked but released it mid stream after a few seconds.

Will I go back? Well yes because streams can change and sometimes for the better, but when I don’t know.



Variations on an Elk

In my last post before the crazy busy period started, I mentioned that I thought that a hackle-less Elk hair caddis may work better in the low summer conditions. I tied a few in the caddis olive colour which worked the last time I was out. If this works, I will do a few more colours.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve done these on size 14 and 16 Hanak H130BL hooks which I’m giving a try this year and so far I’m happy with them although they are some what pricey so in the Autumn restock I’ll be doing some shopping around.


Lazy, More Like Crazy Days of Summer

Its that time of the year when the beautiful mornings give way to hot sunny days. Perfect for romantics and sun worshippers but not for the fly fisher. Its the mornings and evenings which give hope. It was a couple of evenings ago (Sunday) that I got out to start the summer campaign for Trout and Grayling. I visited the Wylie, a small stream which I paid a visit to back in April and caught a fair few. This time was different, a few large Mayflies were still about, a few PMD’s and loads of sedges. A few fish were rising and from what I could see they wanted sedges.
I started off with a size 16 green bodied Elk Hair caddis (should read deer hair) without even seeing the river. I’m sure that with these kind of fishing conditions the hackle on this fly should be much shorter than in the books or else gone altogether. I found the river a bit more overgrown than I remember but no grave difficulties. A small trout took the fly pretty quick, then several misses. A Grayling took a CDC sedge about 2 hours later. The first sedge pattern got most interest, with the odd rise to the CDC sedge but an identical fly to first got very little interest. Why? I am strongly suspecting that the wing was wrong, it seemed to stick up to high. The river was clear after having the early season silt go but still seemed to have a pretty good water level.

Oh Well, back to the vice.