Murky Wylie

I planned to go yesterday but the weather said no so I went today (I was going today anyway). The plan this year is to explore and find more waters and I’m certainly doing that. I added another section of the upper Wylie to the found and fished list. Actually, I found two but my club has closed the section below the bridge so that it can recover from the winter floods. I also know there is another stretch available close by but that is for another day. Being roughly an hour away from home this could be handy place to go and is actually a nice pleasant small stream (compared to the wide areas lower down the valley.

The stream was rather murky but fish able, not surprising considering it was raining most of yesterday. There is also the factor of an algae bloom caused by the high level of nutrients in the water and the recent warm, bright sun. Very little was hatching off but there were still a few Grannom sedge and large olive about (which I think the fish were taking at the hatching stage). A size 16 dark bodied version of the Snowshoe emerger produced most of the takes with some interest in a Grizzly Mink. I missed or bumped a couple of fish including a nice looking brown. The final tally was 2 nice wild browns and a Grayling, all returned because the Grayling  was out of season and the Wylie is also being developed as a wild brown water and all fish have to be released. I love this idea and believe the fishing will actually improve. I also don’t like the taste of trout!

The only downside of today was that the camera got left at home, I rushed out the door and forgot it.



Out on a Recon.

I was going to fish last night, honest.My intention was to check out and fish a new stream which I meant to check out last year. I had been eyeing it up for a long time but hadn’t. Wish I had.
I bought a book at the beginning of last year on the grounds that it looked interesting, and I was right, “Trout in Dirty Places” is about fishing streams in urban places that have bounced back from pollution death. Within the pages I found a couple of sections which were of interest, the first was the club waters in Salisbury, but one section really interested me straight away was on the Frome in Gloucestershire. This was the river I checked last night, the first stretch was a bit slow and fishless but there again it was a bit chilly so the fish may well have been down in the deep holes. The second stretch looked very fishy and indeed I saw a few, small trout. I had suspected about this bit of river but was pleasantly surprised, although it runs 5 minutes from the town centre and within 10 metres of a main road you really cann’t see it. I’m going back soon to fish it. Definitely worth the time out to recon the river, I may need to double check the car parking though but that shouldn’t be a problem. The river itself is free to fish, access is gained from the footpaths, so long as you have a valid rod permit.
On the way home I also spied another stream, it actually runs into the Frome and also looks interesting but I saw no fish but there again the fish spotting conditions weren’t good. Access to this stream needs to be checked out. Maybe a serious waders job!


Back With Samuari’s

I’ve been a touch busy over the past few weeks, what with work and a couple of fly orders. I have just completed an order of tubes, Samuari’s. It was special order and quite frankly they were a pain at first but once I got into them they were OK. But, I found that they were one of the most expensive flies to tie and finding the materials in the UK wasn’t easy from one supplier. I ended buying from a German company who I found, very good although the package did take a while to arrive but when it did, it was worth it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow I have one more order to complete and its back to my own tying and fishing, hopefully exploring some ideas I have and some new streams.