Meet the Foamies

In my last post I mentioned that I had been playing with Foam Humpies. I went a bit mad with variations (both in colour and size) and now have a core of 4 colour variations.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClockwise, Beacon Humpy, Adams Humpy, Black Humpy and Yellow Humpy.

The first two are old favourites which I used to use to fantastic effect on the small streams of South West England but I have now changed to foam backs and left out the wings of the Adams (I really think they’re pointless on this fly). The Beacon Humpy is a cross between the Beacon Beige and a Humpy and bought into the modern world with foam. I’ve added the yellow because of the E.Dancia Mayfly and the yellow mayfly. All these flies can of course have the foam swapped out for Elk or Deer hair if you so wish (I prefer Elk because its stronger).



Still Cann’t Go fishing!

Anyone looking at the UK weather reports and the news channels will realise that we have floods, lots of high water and out of condition rivers. This means I cann’t fish. Try the stillwaters you say, I say no because its like fishing a stew pond. So I’m at home thinking about fishing. I am taking the opportunity to plan for the coming season though and with that going through my kit, particularly my fly boxes. I’m making a lot of changes as well, this stems from my experiences last year and other ideas to make things easier and better. For a start, all the trout flies are being debarbed to save time on stream and a lot of flies are being replaced to make room for new and up to date ones or simply discarded because they are no good and don’t earn their keep! My saltwater boxes will also get a similar treatment after my last trip when I found I didn’t need to carry so many flies.
Getting all this done means that ideas from the past year can be tried and new tying techniques can be tried. CDC tied parachute style looks neat. I have also revisited the foam humpy the past week and the finished fly family (I really went nuts as ideas of colour variations were thought off). Other ideas have been tried and are sat on the bench for further development.
I also have some fishing booked and some possibles but more on these later. In the next day or so I will get some fly pictures and details posted.