RIP Fly Fishing in Saltwaters

No, I’m not talking about my saltwater fly fishing as it is something I’m deeply passionate about. I’m talking about the magazine Fly Fishing in Saltwaters. I heard rumours on the internet before Christmas about its demise and a couple of weeks ago I received an email confirming it. The email said that it was being amalgamated with another magazine, one that is for bait fishers. I don’t know about you but I won’t be buying it as I’m not interested in baitfishing.
When I started out flyfishing in the salt there was two excellent magazines and now there is none, zilch and I am unhappy about this! A few years ago the saltwater flyfisher also had an excellent flytying website that acted as a central point for all things saltwater but not now. Everything we want is scattered across the internet and nothing really dedicated to the subject.

I was thinking the other day, wouldn’t it be nice if I could change this. An on-line saltwater magazine that covered saltwater flyfishing for the normal guy. Articles about adventure, tying and various other things that are off concern to the saltwater flyfisher. I welcome thoughts on this so please comment.



CDC Hackled Klinks

One of the flies that was suggested for the Slovenia trip was a pink bodied Klinkhamer with CDC hackle. Well, it was off to the bench and some more book consultation for some experimentation. It really does appear that this tying season is expanding my tying skills because parachute CDC hackle is a another new technique. Its covered else where including Youtube with videos from Marc Petitjean.
The body of the fly was a roped dub ‘dirty pink’ and the wing was Fly Tyers Dungeon Hi-Float fibres. The thorax as usual on my klinkhamers was peacock dubbing. The hackle itself was done using large Mallard CDC or Goose which is rather nice to use. Basically it is done by putting the feather in a Magic tool and using a clip, transferred to a split thread and spun. I have tried 2 or 3 types of thread for this and still not entirely happy with what I have used but have found that Roman Moser thread is better than Uni or Veevus which was the worse to use for this technique because it did not split at all well (it basically didn’t).


Roadkillflies Relaunch

I may have said in previous posts that I occasionally tie flies to pay for my trips. For this I have relied on ‘word of mouth’. While this has produced some results, it doesn’t produced has much as I would like. Although I had a google website for my site, Roadkillflies, it produced nothing in over a year. So I have deleted that and relaunched it on wordpress and taken the opportunity to redesign it  with new ideas. I am now mostly concentrating on sets of flies and custom jobs. I am going to slowly add to the various parts of the site with new products, etc and try and keep it fresh.

The flies available are largely ones that you find mentioned here that work during my days fishing so those who don’t tie flies but read this blog will be able to buy the flies.

At the top of this blog site you may also notice a new page “Shows/Demonstrations”. It is something that I have been thinking about for sometime and hope to proceed with this.