New materials and nymphs for the Winter

Shortly before my trip to Cape Cod I received a package from the Flytyers Dungeon, not only did it have some supplies for that trip but also some new goodies for the streams. Specifically, Bug Back and Nymph Test Dubbing. I have only this past week got these materials tried out, only for the reason that I was going to get some flat lead but never got around to it. Then I remembered that I already had some, in the form of lead from the top of wine bottles from a few years ago (wonder if this still happens). Why use flat lead instead of round? simply, it lays flatter and I was hoping to have thinner bodies on the Czech nymphs.

I am also trying some new hooks, Tiemco barbless grub hools (TMC 2499SPBL) and Varivas 2300. Nothing wrong with what I was using before but time moves on and I wanted to move to barbless hooks and these are just the start. The 2300’s are because I am looking for a new small hook. These have a much wider gap than the TMC101 that I have been using and hopefully these will be better hook-up wise.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe new midge hooks were used to tie up some Minkies and some greenflies which are excellent this time of year for Grayling. The grub hooks were used on the Czech nymphs on the left side of the picture, TMC 200’s on the the right.

The nymphs on the right were tied using the new Nymph Test dubbing using the rope dub technique and which was found to be more suitable for this purpose. When I tried it on the Czech nymphs I was of the opinion that the bodies were to fat or big however much or little I applied. The bug back was found to be perfect for the purpose and much cheaper as well. The only draw back was that it comes just a little to wide for the nymphs that I am tying but a quick cut with the scissors soon fixed that.

All I need is to try them out, report soon as I have feeling I will get some free time.



Its time to rethink…

Its was around July while, once again, I was tying flies for someone else over a weekend when I really should have been fishing. The weather was perfect, no kids and all the other boring stuff done. This situation repeated for much of the summer. By mid August orders were out the way but I was starting to think it was time for change. I was tying a few flies for my trip to Cape Cod and managing a couple of days but the kids were back and away work had restarted. Which brings me to my first main thought. Why can’t people be more considerate and order during the winter, by March at the most. Its ill mannered and inconsiderate. I am seriously thinking about telling people NO tying after the season starts. I want to go fishing myself. Yes, it pays something towards the fishing but by the time materials and time is taken out it really isn’t worth missing out on my own fishing.
It was during one of the to few trips to the rivers that I realised that I hadn’t fished enough for the past couple of years to adapt to new situations, I was just a fishing robot. Time seemed to have changed the feeding patterns of the trout. Yes, same hatches but something seemed different maybe it was the conditions and the fishing pressure. With this I realised it was time to start reading newer books for ideas. Magazines I quickly put out the picture because for the reason they seem to largely publish the same stuff. Few articles will give new or fresh ideas for sure but it really isn’t worth buying the mags.

Then during my trip to Cape Cod I did much more thinking about my fishing. During the trip I realised several things that can be applied to future trips. The main one being that I really only need one fly box for the salt! I used 4 different flies for the whole 10 days and one of those was to replace one that was to chewed to use.
With the Trout and Grayling streams I figure that seeing as though I use the same half dozen flies in a variety of sizes and colours I might as well just have 2 general boxes for all the time, any where. On top of those boxes, just tie what I need according to the the seasons and location. I also figure that alot of the time I might as well just wear walking/wading boots instead of being fully wadered up as alot the time I found I wasn’t fishing streams where I needed to wade. Other changes will be made but the start will be putting the flies I never use on ebay to lighten the load and beside I cann’t remember what the weight is I put in the nymphs so I might as well start again.