The Mad Series

With just over a week to go before I travel to Cape Cod for the Striperheads Clave I’m just about done with the flies. Sure there will likely be new ideas to try before now and then but I think I’m done. The ‘new’ baitfish I’ve been working on are ready. I’ve done variations of these before and are still a work in progress because I keep trying to make them better and more pleasing to the eye.

MadMac2The MadMac2 is a fly that I did an earlier version of but wasn’t that happy with it but with the addition of SF Blended black material I have the effect that I am after. The first stage of the fly is to tie it in a similar way to Puglise baitfish but done my way. The technique is along the same lines from what I remember from when I saw Enrico Puglise at the BFFI a few years ago. The fly gets its name from the congo flash blend that I have mentioned before. The effect that I get from this material is perfect for what I am after.


This fly is really an undeveloped version of the fly above (I plan on updated it when I get time). started the same way I have tried to get a colour variation like a baitfish but I don’t think this style of fly gives the proper effect. Although I am happy with what you see I will be adding a back of colour blended congo hair (similar to the MadNorm).


The MadNorm is your general basic baitfish tied with congo hair in various colours including the newish baitfish blend. If two of the baitfish blends are combined in a single fly then you get a very pleasing affect that looks like a baitfish…no natural prey is a single colour but several and the blends help get the effect that I am after.There are two variations in style. One is a normal style of tying the hair to the hook the other involves a cone of flexi-tube tied in first and folded over to create a forming cone that splays and gives the hair some lift to help with the shape of the baitfish pattern.