An Idea lingers a year……

It was while I was fishing for Bass on the north west coast of Wales last year that I had an idea for a Sand eel pattern with a material which I had played with a little but could see the potential. Many months ago the Fly Tyers Dungeon offered congo hair with flash blended in. I liked this material so much that I ordered some (I only buy new stuff now that I can imagine in a pattern, either old or new). I re-ordered some more after playing with some baitfish patterns last year. This material isn’t listed but if you ask for it (say I sent you!) you may beable to get some done up in the colours you want BUT you will definitely want white with pearl.
All that it required was some time to play and seeing as though I currently have no orders, I thought it was time. Oh yes, I also happen to have a trip coming up for Stripers. The first version was with Chartruse over white but a more natural colour soon appeared and then another. I stopped at the 3 colours has I thought I’d better try this thing before I go to mad.

The current range of the Congoeel.

The current range of the Congoeel.

I’m not that good at naming flies but thought Congoeel sounded not that bad. The hook can be any standard saltwater hook and the thread that I have used is mono (I use invisible thread from the sewing shop.
The colour of the congo hair can be any colour you want but any future colour changes will be of a more natural colouration than bright colours to match the naturals, I’m thinking a silver-side version may also work. The body is pearl mylar tubing which pulled tight and then covered in 5 minute epoxy to hold the shape. Once the body as dried off I add the eyes, in this case I have used 3D eyes in red. The head is finished using another coat off epoxy (the 30 minute one. Don’t forgot the red gills before the final epoxy coat if you want them.

To be tested next month……

On another front, I am currently researching a trip to the Bahamas for Bonefish. I will be devoting a whole page for the project as it looks to be become a small clave and will act as central place of collected information for the group.



The Evening Rise That Wasn’t

This time of year should be a good time to fish the evening, recent rumors have confirmed this. However, last night was one of those times when ‘should have been here last night/week’ applied.
When I arrived to the river (Avon), I noticed one or two fish moving and it stayed like that for the rest of the time until about 7ish when the trout just didn’t show at all. The fly life was prolific so what they were doing was likely below the surface. I noticed pretty soon that there was still the very odd large Mayfly still around. Indeed, as I watched the first one flutter on the surface drifting down stream I saw a second. The first was taken with confidence so I put a size 14 Roadkill Wulff on and got a rise which produced a solid…thump…thump….gone!

The rest of the evening was pleasant with a hell of a lot of bugs on the water but no decent movement of fish on the surface, those fish that did rise seemed to get smaller as the evening progressed. I did find a Grayling which took a BWO spinner which I tied in the week after reading a blog post by Dave Wiltshire. I added one to two small refinements and this got me the most misses (as opposed to takes).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh well, back to the vice to prepare for my trip next month for the Striperheads Clave.