Early Morning Used to be Good…

For the first time in a very long time (must be years), I managed to get an early morning session in on the Avon. The last time I did this, the fishing was excellent and well worth getting up before dawn. Not so today, yesterdays heavy rain must have chilled the river a bit because the trout just weren’t feeding. I saw one, thats it and even that one seemed dormant. No rises either, even the Grayling seemed not that interested. I saw a few rises to Caenis (not many of these about either AND I had left artificals of these at home!) and small pale wateries/spurwings. At leat the river was beautiful this morning….


CIMG2534I did find that the section of river below the hatches had been re-opened after all of last years damage, I walked it, looked at it but did fish much of it. Very few if any fish moving and most of it is very over grown and I couldn’t get at the river.
I did manage a couple of Grayling above the hatches with one nice sized one and few refusals in the end. Mostly on Pale Watery parachute dries.



Dubbing in a Jar-o….

Its been some what hot the past week and a half so I have taken the opportunity to get some tying done. Partly because some new goodies have arrived from the Mad Scientist and the Canadian Tube Fly Company (haven’t tried the new tube stuff yet).

It was while I was tying some soft hackled caddis that I opened my jar of loose brown partridge and found a ‘clump’ of mystery fluff dubbing…

CIMG2522I have no idea how it got in the jar but it just looked to good to waste so I tied some emerger type flies with it and some of the Bugs Legs that I had. Now, I like this rubber leg type material for bodies on certain flies and occasionally odd colours are available. Sometimes experimental batches appear to be mottled which I find more ideal than one colour. When used as bodies this material, especially the blue dun colour I used produced a nice, almost quill type segmented body.

CIMG2527Once it cools down or I get really fishing withdrawal, this fly will be tried out.