Good result while hunting sewing shop for something else!

Last week I was asked to tie some flies for someone, I found I had the materials but one was a shade to dark. Being somewhat fussy about this kind of thing and not 100% happy with what I had I went searching. In the end I couldn’t find what I was after. I was told that it was best to get the sparkle yarn on the ‘net because noone is stocking it (at least in Swindon) because its not in fashion.
I did find one new sewing or craft type shop that I haven’t tried before. It was a gold mine of stuff but due to time constraints I was only able to have a quick look. It had long craft fur but I couldn’t get at it because the owner was in the way so I don’t know if tan was in stock. I did however find Jelly rope. A fine elastic/rubber type material which I have only found in the thicker size in clear before. This place had black and green, plus the clear and I think other colours. An added bonus was that I found the thinner size. I bought the fine green to try it out. The results of my first trial with this stuff is in the picture.

greennymphI used this stuff to tie caddis type patterns but I expect others can be done. Simply by changing the body material to this stuff!

I will be returning when I get the chance to buy more but it will be by the spool in stead by the metre, just in case of supply problems in the future.



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