Tube Flies part 3……Saltwater Baitfish

The sparkle tubes which I have come to really like, gave me the idea of a saltwater baitfish. The resulting fly is likely to be improved upon because when I finished it and thought the head might be better if I used fabric paint with sparkle.


The thing with this fly is that it is not one that you can tie in a day, this is due to the varying varnishes and glues applied in stages to allow each application to dry. This is mainly for the head area. The first stage  being coloured nail polish with a colour to match the back on the top and a pearl for the underneath, an idea that I got from Jay ‘Fishy’ Fullum book “Fly Tying With Common Materials”. The eyes are then added with zap-a gap goop. Then when that is dry, I add a layer of epoxy.

The wing and under wing is layered congo hair with flash blended in with an over wing of minnow back blended congo hair.



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