Tubes part 2…….Sunray Shadow

The first fly in the series of tube patterns is my take on the Sunray Shadow. Last year I found myself tying a set of flies on single hooks where the hooks (either gold or silver) were used to compliment the colour of the fly. Hence, with these tubes, I have used varying colours of the sparkle tubes to compliment the colour of the under wing.

P1000022The tubes themselves have a colour within such as yellow or blue (for example) and these are selected according to the colour of the wing being tied. The thread colour is also selected to match the colour of the underwing.

Tube length of the flies in the picture is 1 1/4 inches (seems about right to me) but this can be changed.

Under Wing- Bucktail, colour to suit conditions or choice of tyer/fisher, a few strands of crystal flash to match colur of wing. Long goat hair tied over followed by long Peacock herl.

Head- Varnished thread, mostly clear to show thread colour.



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