All Beaded out….

Over the past few years I have observed Trout and Grayling feeding on nymphs in the clear streams that I fish. Most of this feeding takes place at mid water or below, the resulting attempt at trying to catch these fish has often proved unsuccessful. This is likely due to the flies being used not reaching the correct depth and driffting over the fishes head. The problems lies in that although I have beaded flies as well as leaded, the fish I was watching needed some thing between 16 and 22 and the flies I had were either to light or to heavy. Unsuccessful searching of the UK fly shops proved that beads that were small enough and of high quality were largely unavalilable. Recently I have been using a company from the states which produce exactly what I needed. I also didn’t have much tying time due to University to tie the flies I needed.

I have just finished a batch of flies that should prove useful in this situation but the trout season doesn’t start for another couple of months so they will have to wait.

picture for web

The flies are Pheasant tail nymphs with natural reddy brown tail fibres and red thread (to replace the copper wire in the original) and olive squirrel thorax. The others are the brown flexi body nymph which I have covered before. Both have been tied in sizes 16 and 18 with different coloured bead heads for when the trout prefer one colour over the other. I haven’t tied any with gold beads because I am of the opinion that trout have got shy to this coloured bead. I also found that the beads were difficult to get round the bead of the TMC200 hooks as well as the occassional bead sliupping over the eye of the hook.



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