Autumn Nymphs

During the past week I have been requested to tie a set of nymphs for someone who fishes the Chalk streams of Southern England. I had free rain but restricted to flies of 14 and 16 because they cann’t deal with smaller flies due to eye sight not being so good. I came up with a set based on what I have found to work best at this time of year, although I would go for sizes 18 to 24 for the hares ears, PTN and flexi bodies.

I’m sure I have written about these before, although I don’t think I have mentioned the first fly at the top.

The Red Spot shrimp is one of my all time best flies having taken alot of fish, especially Grayling during the winter. It was originated by Neil Patternson on the Kennet.

I have changed the fly a little by changing the dubbing to a mix of orange and olive seals fur and the back has been changed from a plastic back to olive flexibody which I think looks much better. I strongly suspect that he didn’t have the flexibody at the time. This and the czech nymphs are tied on 12,14 and 16’s with the 14 most often used.

The Hares ears that I use are tied with dyed and undyed squirrel and hares fur with gold crystal flash included in the mix. I think this gives a better effect than a body ribbed with gold wire. I got this idea from Roman Moser a few years ago at the fly tying days ryn by Partridge.



The Dun Partridge

A recent swap on the flymphforum had me wondering what I could tie that no one else would. The swap was for warm water fish but seeing what the others were tying or intended to I thought of the ideal fly. The picture was in my mind but could I find it in my books no. So from memory it was and I think it got changed to the pattern presented now.

Hook- Kamasan B175 12-16
Thread- Black 8/0 uni thread
Rib- Peacock herl (would have liked to have rope dubbed this but the effect I was getting didn’t look right at the time).
Body- Dun Hares Web from the Flytyers Dungeon
Hackle- Grey Partridge
Head- Peacock herl

I have seen some different hooks for this type of wet fly but I haven’t got around to getting some.

By the time I had finished I had a nice set of flies for the swap with a few spares for the swap meister.