Flexi Nymph

Its the time of year now that I spend more time tying and less time fishing. Largely due to time constraints placed on me by Uni assignments, fly orders and the need to clear the decks before the trout season.
So now is the time to show off some ideas for the coming season, actually todays fly is 2 seasons old and works well. I tied up a batch yesterday for a fly swap on troutpredator.com forum. I have now changed from epoxy to UV glue and I like the results. 

The pattern I think needs a better name but I cann’t think of anything!

Hook- TMC or fishguy 200R
Thread- Veevus 16/0 (a new thread but hard to get hold of because the person I got it off has decided not to sell it anymore(
Tail- A few fibres from the mottled side of a cock pheasant tail side feather.
Body- Brown or olive legs alive from Flytyers Dungeon
Thorax- Lepus with rubber legs dubbing in Brown or olive
Wing case- Light Tan or green crystal flash coated with Loon UV wader repair (set with UV light).