Should have used pink years ago!

One thing I love about the Christmas and New Year period is the time of from work and the opportunity to fish. The rivers are officially closed for Trout but they still eat. Today though, was a Troutless day but I did get my target species, Grayling, which sometimes I prefer.

The river was once again the Avon but further upstream than Monday, at Durrington. The water was a bit cloudy but clear on the gravelly shallow bits and cold. The weather was also not so warm but they may have been thanks to the stronger wind and rain showers.

Got to the river about 10.30 and found no rises or hatches apart from the odd midge. Tied a bright pink czech nymph for search the water and second cast produced a small 5″ Grayling. After this it was alot of missed strikes and several more small Grayling till I got to the stretch in the above picture.I picked up two slightly better fish and watched 2 or 3 Trout (one looked like a 5 or 6lb Rainbow) dashing about, and they definitely didn’t look like they were feeding!

After a while I managed to lose my pink bug supply (note to self, tie more!), I tried a different czech nymph but with pale yellow body and pink spot next to the thorax. The fish seemed to like that one two. So pink seems to be a good mid winter colour for Grayling. This may, and its something I read recently, that its something to do with being the same colour as trout eggs which Grayling love.


Boxing day fishing

Why have I started another blog?

Simple, I want to return to writing and recording my fishing but instead of a written diary like the olden days I going 21st century and doing it as a blog. But unlike my old diary I’m going to write about my tying as well.

I don’t get out much these days thanks to my Uni work and having the kids at the weekends so Christmas holiday is a blessing…time to go fishing. The trout season as finished so its Grayling, with the odd Brown thrown in. I return my fish, simply because I prefer sea fish and think Grayling are to beautiful to kill.

Today, as is normal for this time of year, I only fished for a few hours (10.30 ish till 3 ish). This is because the fish don’t feed to well either side of these hours.

I fished a club stretch of the River Avon at West Amesbury, Wiltshire near Stone Henge. The river is still quite low due to the lack of rain for most of this year but I did notice that it was higher than the last time I went. The odd fish was rising when I got there down stream from where I parked. There was also some changes to the river back because the club is carrying river improvements. It is done in stages and certainly done much better than the last time work was done. Which in my opinion made a totally mess of the meadow stretch and made it unfishable for some time.

Any way, today the weather was quite mild and overcast. There was actually a small hatch of small dark olives coming off as well as the usual midges. What I wasn’t expecting was a few honey bees flying around a hole in one of the old willow trees.

I caught on various flies including a pink cech nymph and small Griffiths Gnat. The best fly was my winter standard, minkie dry, today a size 20 worked. I think it the fish thought it was a hatching olive/midge.

I ended the day having caught 5 or 6 small Grayling and one Trout.